Workers' Compensation Attorneys in Tulsa, Oklahoma

We’ve heard time and time again at Hansen Dirani & Associates PLLC in Tulsa, OK, how an injured employee is told, “we’ll take care of you” only to eventually realize that what they meant was “our workers’ compensation insurance” will “take care of you.” If you’ve been injured on that job, there are multiple situations in which you actually should be taken care of by your employer instead of being left to wonder what is going on or when your next appointment may or may not be.

Because Every Injury Has A Back Story!

Whether it be workers’ compensation or a related personal injury or disability claim, we understand every injury comes with a story. Some of the worst ones involve a hard worker getting hurt on a job while helping someone make money, then later being left in the cold without help after they get hurt. We want to hear your story. We want to help.

If You Or A Loved One Was Injured On The Job, We Urge You To:

  • Report The Injury Immediately Upon Discovery And Make Sure A Report Is Made
  • Go To The Healthcare Providers They Send You To, You Must Go To The Medical Providers They Direct You To Initially
  • Tell The Doctors What Is Going On So They Can Adequately Assess Your Limitations
  • Contact Us As Soon As Possible And Tell Us Your Story, We Want To Help